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MP3 clipTitle: Don't Cry, Kagome
A beautiful score set to the final scenes of Kikyou in Manga Volume 47; Chapters 459-464

MP3 clipTitle: Rin's Song
Rin sings a homage song about her lord; Sesshoumaru-sama (Jap Original)

MP3 clipTitle: Grip!: Jaken Style! (Taken from Inuyasha Drama CD 2)
Short, but funny clip of Sesshoumaru-gumi and their version of GRIP!

MP3 clipTitle: Gou: Jaken & Rin Style! (Taken from Inuyasha Album Special)
Short, but funny clip of Jaken and Rin's version of Gou

MP3 clipTitle: Tatta Hitotsu no Yakusoku: Shippou, Miroku & Inuyasha Style
Shippou's version of Kagome's Character Song

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