February 7th, 2010;
Added a few more new clips to the media section; Final Act episodes 17-18 clip spoilers and the new ending 3! enjoy! =)
 January 28th, 2010;
More clips added to the media section including Kuroi Tessaiga OVA, Final Act ending 2 and more.. Check them out!
 October 12th, 2009;
Updated the media section with Inuyasha Kanketsuhen opening (Kimi ga Inai Mirai by Do as Infinity) & ending (With You by AAA) clips.
 July 27th, 2009;
Most of the sections are now up, gallery installed and new media clips added; including Kuroi Tessaiga OVA trailer & It's a Rumic World Opening.
 July 25th, 2009;
Shonen Sunday magazine confirmed that Inuyasha Kanketsu-hen (Inuyasha the Final Act) will be animated~ The anime will continue from manga volume 36 and end with volume 56.
 June 27th, 2008;
New layout now uploaded! General site is still under construction~ so no links are working at this time.

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